imran and sonam scandal

Wednesday, 10 June 2009 ·

sonam and imran pics

After seeing the above picture for film fare magazine it might be possible that there can be some chemistry made between both of them. Look At the intensity between sonam kapoor and imran khan and it might be possible for up coming scandal in the bollywood the indian film industry.

And thats imran khan is too hot to set a trendsetters in the bollywood industry .
And also we cannot ignore sonam kapoor she can also set a sexy trendsetters in the indian industry.

Both sonam kapoor which is daughter of anil kapoor and imran khan which is the nephew of amir khan are new to the bollywood film industry. and boht are now popular after there first film .
so they have a long way to go even and it is good for you if they avoiding masla bollywood like in the pic


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