Shilpa shetty wedding costume

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Shilpa shetty wedding costume-pics

Sangeet and mehendi rituals will be performed before the wedding at the same bungalow before. Shilpa will wear the wedding costume being designed by famous designer Tarun Tahiliani. A menu of delicious dishes is ready. The famous cook will be engaged in cooking mouthwatering dishes to be served during the reception.

cold war between Ranbir and Ram Gopal


ranbir kapoor-pics

A cold war has been triggered between Ranbir Kapoor
and Ram Gopal Varma after the actor refused RGV's offer to play Amitabh Bachchan's grandson in the planned political thriller Sarkar 3, the last of the Sarkar trilogy.

A highly placed industry insider told DNA, "Ramu is very upset with Ranbir. Ranbir was best suited to play Kay Kay Menon's son.

In Sarkar 3, which would have seen amitabh coaching his grandson to take over the powerful Subhash Nagre empire.

Ramu was really impressed by Ranbir and approached him with the offer, but Ranbir wasn't too excited about the film. In fact, he flatly refused to do it."

katrina and amir will appear toghether

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katrina and amir pics

Amir and Katrina kaif will appear together on silver screen. GURU DUTT look is donned by Amir Khan. Amir khan adpot many similarities of guru dutt like dressing and hair style

and katrina kaif adopt a look of waheeda

Let hope for best that both recreate magic as guru dutt and waheeda created

soha alo khan scandal with imran hashmi


soha pics
Now a days Soha Ali khan is in bollywood hot gossips because soha ali khan

refused to kiss

Emran Hashmi in one of upcoming film and that is directed by Kunal Deshmukh .

This movie

is based on love story . Imran and Kunal tried to convince soha but failed Also

Emran try to

convince soha for that kissing scene but Emran also failed

May be soha want a clean image in bollywood :)

riya sen new look in upcoming film


riya sen wallpapers
This is Riya Sen new look in upcoming bollywood film the film is directed by Younus Sajawal and name of film is 'Benoo and Babloo'

Riya sen is now in Pune shootingwith the co-actors kk menon Rajpal yadav

katrina kaif and john sms scandal

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Katrina and john abraham on the set of NEWYORK send some sms to

each other that are caught be salman khan. After salman khan reaction

we can easily say that those sms are not liked by salman khan.

Salman khan get so angry even salman thrown out krtrina kaif from his house

On the press meeting of bollywood movie NEWYORK we can easily see that katrina is now making difference with john because of salman khan anger .

On whole press meeting of bollywood moive new york katrina sit with john but both having a big

gap between them.

Even the film director of bollywod moive NEWYORK Mr kabir khan at start of meeting say that

to media that not asked question related to sms .

shiney ahuja rape scandals


shiney ahuja rape scandals

Shiney ahuja is in big trouble. After his maid blamed that shiney ahuja

raped now the after the forensic report, its confirmed that shiney

ahuja raped his maid. So there is great difficulty for shiney ahuja and for his career

in bollywood.

we can only say for shiney ahuja best of luck dude.

Is love aj kal a copy film

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love aj kal pics and wallpapers

Love aj kal indian movie

While the makers of the film may not agree but their film Love Aaj Kal seems to bear a very strong resemblance to Taiwenese film, Hao De Shi Guang (Three Times).

We saw In Three Times and here is the plot of the film - The movie starts in 1911 then moves to 1966 and eventually culminates in 2005.

The story of Three Times, runs in three phases. It features three chronologically separate stories of love between the two protagonists, in the first two stories, letters are crucial to the outcome; in the third, it is cell phone calls, text messages, and a computer file.

Over the years between the tales, as sexual intimacy becomes more likely and words more free, communication recedes.

Now Imtiaz Ali directed Love Aaj Kal starring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Florence Brudenell Bruce is all about how love was perceived back in the old days compared to how it is now.

The story with Saif in the turban romancing Florence is the second part in the film where love is all about innocence. The third bit has Saif and Deepika playing non-committal lovers giving into their lust and desires.

But when asked, Imtiaz however denies the resemblance by stating there are just two stories of portraying love then and now. Still the surprise package in the film as a source states is the love story of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor as the first of the love stories.

Whatever the truth is will be finally out on July 31st.

katrina kaif on dus ka dum

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katrina kaif pics
salman and katrina pics on dus ka dum

Katrina kaif on dus a dum say that. katrina is never purposed by any body when salman khan asked the question that she is purposed by any salman pics on dus dumbody till now she said still not any body purposed me (katrina).

Is really salman not purposed katrina thats the question or she not want to exposed ??

but there is something get wrong between salman and katrina because now katrina celebrate his birthday with her family in London not with salman

new york press meeting


Katrina Kaif, John Abraham picsKatrina Kaif, John Abraham at “New York” press meet

NEW YORK is a contemporary story of friendship set against the larger than life backdrop of a city often described

as the centre of the world.

paying guest film promotion


 Shreyas Talpade and Javed Jaffrey pics

Shreyas Talpade and Javed Jaffrey promote Paying Guest in different style of the bollywood upcoming film

Have a look

amitabh bachchan new look


amitabh bachchan new looks pics

Amitabh Bachchan new look which he is going to appear in one film. After the shahrukh new look

apperance in om shanti om and and amir khan always new look in his every film Amitabh

Bachchan is also trying his different look and most unique look.

shilpa shetty scandal

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shipla and abishek pictures

This is one of the most beautiful and sexy hot pictures in which shilpa his showing hsi sexy body to others

and look at abishek that . Abishek like shilpa shetty body too much that abishek can not take his eye away from shilpa sexy body .

Abishek you must not look at shilpa body because now you are married with asihwarya rai now gave us the chance to see shilpa sexy figure . I ensure you not let down abishek . lolxxxxxxx

It might be possible shilpa for gaining some work do this type of technique because still after shilpa sexy body and figure no one give her chance in the film again . It might possible to cause a new shilpa shetty scandal after shilpa had scandal with richard.
shilpa try very hard to again enter in the bollywood film industry . Lets see that she succeeded or not to enter in the bollywood the indian film industry.

priyanka chopra scandals


priyanka chopra wallpapersAfter a good time with shahid kapoor now there is the news that shahid and priyanka break up . If that is the true than its shahid second time break up the first he break up with kareena kapoor and now he break up with priyanka chopra

Before breaking they appear together in every place even in front of media and openly show er relationship type that is very much serious and romantic to.

aishwarya rai scandal


ash and shahrukh and abishek pics
In the past the aishwarya rai had seen many scandal with salman khan , shahrukh khan at last she found his mate

but it might be danger because after seen this pic which is taken from film fare award show it might be possible that aishwarya rai remember his scandals with shahrukh khan because she is sitting with abishekh bachan and disusing some thing and on the other hand look at the face of aishwarya rai face

But on the other hand it good to see that two family of bollywood are now appearing together not in bollywood film but atleast in the film fare award ceremony .That is good sign for bollywood film industy.

malika sherwat sex scandals


malika pictures
After the mms clip release in all over india of malika sherwat it have been found that malika is not in that porn videos instead of malika there is lolly appear in the video who is the famous porn-star and also appear in many of the euorpe porn videos too.

The age of lolly is 19 and it look like malika sherwat and have very much reseblence too.

So malika had some tension off . But it might be the possible that malika appear in any porn videos because she is to sexy and can be in the video to.

Still malika had not fear in his eyes you can see that. Malika is doing his work in the bollywood film industy and also try his luck in hollywood film industry to .

kareena and krishma on dus ka dum


kareena and krisham pics

The indian bollywood actress Kareena and krishma kapoor appeared in dus ka dum opening show above is the pictures both do great fun in ths show and even salman khan also open some of the seceret regarding them on ths show.
After a long time both the sister kareena and krishma appeared together on the set of dus ka dum which is again host by salman khan now even in more better manner.

imran and sonam scandal


sonam and imran pics

After seeing the above picture for film fare magazine it might be possible that there can be some chemistry made between both of them. Look At the intensity between sonam kapoor and imran khan and it might be possible for up coming scandal in the bollywood the indian film industry.

And thats imran khan is too hot to set a trendsetters in the bollywood industry .
And also we cannot ignore sonam kapoor she can also set a sexy trendsetters in the indian industry.

Both sonam kapoor which is daughter of anil kapoor and imran khan which is the nephew of amir khan are new to the bollywood film industry. and boht are now popular after there first film .
so they have a long way to go even and it is good for you if they avoiding masla bollywood like in the pic

malika sherwat topless scandal scene


malika sherwat sexy pics

Here is the mailka sherwat scandal and most sexy scene in this film . In this film malika appear topless means without top in one of the scene in the movie with jacki chen the malika face toward jackie when she is topless and malika back is towards the camera its very nice to watch scene so must watch it.

This is one of the biggest example set by malika not only malika appears in the hollywood movie but also do some sexy scene which can never be forget . Malika which is actress of bollywood movie and also did very scene seen in many of the bollywood film and started his career with imran hashmi never change his habit even after work in the hollywood movie.

so in hollywood and bollywood its all about fun which malika did and his sexy scene in the bollywood movie is one the biggest reason of his success. and that is malika topless scandal which you seen in above pictures

shilpa shetty kissing scandal with richard


shilpa shetty

This scandals is not new but it is bollywood most coolest and hot scandals in the bollywood industry. You can clearly seen that Richad can't stop his feeling towards shipla shetty and kiss one of the public show
one important thing betwwen shipla and richard scandal is is that why shipla not stop richard from kissing It might be that shipla show have sex desire towards richard but due to our culture she must stop richard from kissing but he not stop.

This is one of the unique scandals in the bollywood industry and its full of bollywood masla and fun. After this kissing scene shilpa gets huge publicity and this help shipla to become famous in the bollywood and in the indian industry to.

shahid affair with priyanka chopra


priyanka and shahid pics

priyanka pics

After the end of kareena affair withshahid kapoor pictures shahid . Now at last shahid found priynaka to spent time with her.

According to critics shahid and priyanka have a secret relation because every where both celebrities are found together even after parties both go back sitting in the same car.

bollywood actor and actress scandals


katrina kaif picskatrina kafi pictures


ranbir picturesdeepika and ranbir pics
There is another twist in bollywood scandzl after the end of relationship of katrina with salman khan

which is exposed in the music launch of film

YURAAJ every see the attitude of salman khan towards katrina
with katrina kaif . Now katrina kaif want move away from salman khan

ranbir picsshoulder of ranbir works for katrina

ranbir is also giving katrina kaif attention .and deepika in whole story in the site mirror because ranbir mother does't like katina kaif.

bollywood hot triangle stories


deepika picssonam pics

bollywood young couple relation's

sonam and ranbir on debut film that is
ranbir pictures
"sawariya"built a relationship.

ranbir have an x-relationship with actresses and that is


The starting of love between deepika and ranbir is on the set of recently film

realise on whcih both work together.

akshay kumar picspriyanka pictures indian bollywood actress scandals

tiwnkle khana stop

Aksahy kumar to work with
akshay and priyanka pics
priyanka because of his affair. and in many film they do sexy scence. but in this triangle

love story

twinkle win by making priynaka out of akki way.twinkle and akshay pictures

top most indian film industry actress scandals


shahid and kareena kapoor pictureskareena pictures

bollywood actress Kareena kapoo scandals

kareena kapoor pics
shahid and kareena pics
Due to entering the saif life kareena kick out the school looking boy that is shahid kapoor.

shahid take this very serious but after work with vidya

shahid also forget kareena and shahid also enjoy spend time with tennis player sania mirza . and also he spend time with sexy amrita rao as he do in the beginning of his career.

saif pics saif ali khan pictures

bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan scandals

saif wallpapers
saif pics

saif ali khan also have many relation in his life

first he has married with amrita and rosa enter into saif

life and now kareena enter in his life.

bollywood actor amir and shahrukh cold war


shahrukh khan picsamir khan pictures

Because SRK and amir khan film relaease in this month so they both are conscious and have xtreme competition to beat each other. and want that

there film businness than the other due to this factor. both pass remark to each otheshahrukh khan picturesr.
amir khan pics
amir khan on once occasion say that i m professionist so that

shahrukh khan unable to work with


shahrukh replied on that and said that amir khan also develop a good humor site i m happy to see.

amir progress in humor.

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