Aamir is focussed Salman is cool SRK is charming

Saturday, 23 January 2010 · 0 comments

asin pics

Being lucky enough to star with two after Khan - Salman and Aamir, Bollywood is about three ASIN Khan. Speaking about this, he said,


Salman is a peaceful and outlook

amir asin picutres

Aamir is very focused,


What I have seen him with Shah Khan, looks very attractive. " Woman says that she is not in a hurry star in several films. ASIN according to the films that he only has a role for him is to choose. Women also announced that with an announcement about his new film, but this may take some time.

world billiards champion has crushed on katrina

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katrina kaif pics

World billiards champion Pankaj Advani Bollywood certainly have some dreams. And so not only is there one that Bollywood beauty has a crush. We're talking about B's current toast city - Katrina Kaif

Just one name makes no denying Pankaj blush that is a very beautiful man, ". He has a unique charm and screen presence I love it when he chuckles at her if she has a secret crush asked. "," I feel like I'm sure there are many. "Now, it means 'interesting' match? Let's wait and see

costliest commerical ever by akshay kumar


akshay kumar pics

Akshay Kumar and big bucks has become synonymous with each other. Later (as) precious planet's ever built on the side - Blue renewable - now ad in the world is taking a big event as well as working in the film. If the industry believed discussed, now with the costliest commercial ever made an Indian actor will be characterized. For the Thums Up (soft drinks for many years renewable for one's brand ambassador) and tradition as is will, will be shot in foreign locales.

The commercial one is busy putting together a team of which one source says. "The renewable and you will see him involved in some dare devil stunts for Thums Up Pick up any business. The last half a decade for the trend is either, since Akshay has been promoting the brand was . This year is going to be any different as a commercial facility is part of Renewable breathing some stunts. "

While fast cars, busy streets skyscraper jump and running on renewable audience something that he's past some ads for the brand's shot is seen, for the first one to see what an actor is shot What is proposed is waiting in 2010.

"It's something that has never before been seen, is that at least the promise" can be, the source confirmed, "Thums Up 2009 in India's number one soft drinks and other cola in the race beaten. It is not necessary and that there is a brand not only help the situation move forward on promoting competition will maintain. "

Akshay shot off Malaysia's costliest ever for commercial

Bollywood Couple of 2010??


Babbar recently Shakti Kapoor Pratiek bad guy's daughter was seen at a party with reverence Kapoor. Both say they are just good friends, but recently the two were seen together in almost all parties.

Not only is the couple who discover that there chemistry between them something more then friendship. Trust is making his debut with the director Leena Yadav's film Teen strip.
Both film and a lot of background things are common between the two. In 2010 revealed an interesting story we do for love!

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